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The Role Of DES

  • Disability Employment Services (DES) can build a sustainable partnership and develop a mutually beneficial relationship with employers by:
    • Gaining an understanding of the employer’s business
    • Acquiring an understanding of the roles and workforce requirements within the employer’s business
    • Proposing candidates that are a good job match
    • Sourcing enthusiastic candidates who have an interest in the employer’s business, and are motivated to work
    • Assisting with job customisation as required
    • Providing information about financial supports and incentives available for employing people with disability
    • Providing assistance with the purchase and implementation of workplace modifications
    • Providing individualised support and advice on the best ways to work with a new employee with disability
    • Offering onsite support for the employer and new employee for as long as is required
  • It is recommended that the above roles are included in a one-page marketing flyer outlining all support a DES can offer an employer.

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