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Creating a Good Job Match

  • A good 'job match' means that the requirements of the employer can be met by the candidate, with support from the DES
The Partnership Approach enables multiple and sustainable employment outcomes via good job matches
  • Essential to a good job match is a comprehensive job analysis, and consideration of any necessary workplace modifications or job customisation that may be required
  • Isolating the inherent requirements of the role can help determine how much job customisation is possible
  • Helpful to creating a good job match are Employability Skills. These are broad skills valued by employers. Employability skills can be acquired through work experience or general life experience, and should be profiled to the employer in an organised resume
  • Traditional interviews do not suit all candidates with disability. Facilitating a work trial for the candidate to demonstrate a good job match may be more beneficial

  • Other key information that employers benefit from to determine a good job match includes:
    • The candidate’s work performance, including their productivity and ability to work as a member of the team
    • The candidate’s life experience and any unique skills, attributes and characteristics
    • The contribution that the candidate can make to the business
    • The benefits of a worker who is enthusiastic and committed, with a keen interest in the business
    • Details about how ongoing support will be provided, including information about access to any employer incentives


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