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An Introduction to Proposing

  • Having achieved a general agreement to partner with an organisation as a provider of recruitment services, and having supported the organisation's disability confidence – you can propose a specific candidate
  • Develop a proposal for a specific job match to take to the employer. There are a number of different steps involved in creating a successful proposal that will produce an employment outcome
  • A strong proposal to an employer will:
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the business and the employer's needs, as well as the organisational culture
    • Provide a one page generic summary of the support the DES can offer employers and candidates
    • Illustrate a good job match between the candidate and the employer's requirements
    • Provide a clear and concise resume tailored to the employer's requirements, outlining the candidate's relevant experience and capacity to meet the inherent requirements and list more general employability skills
    • Use the candidate's work and/or daily life experience to meet the employer's requirements and provide examples of previous successes in similar roles or industries
    • Be the result of a comprehensive job analysis
    • Explain potential job customisation or workplace modifications
    • Outline the time commitment involved by the employer during on-boarding of the candidate
    • Explain any potential risks, and address OH&S and any other concerns
    • Be mutually beneficial to the employer, the candidate and the DES

Proposing: Making the business case

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Overall progress