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Job Analysis

  • A job analysis can be an effective way of determining whether a specific job is suitable for a particular candidate, and whether any job customisation or workplace modification is required
  • A job analysis breaks a position into pieces, and identifies the inherent requirements. It demonstrates what the candidate can do, where support is needed, and provides solutions for any part of a job that a candidate is unable to perform, such as reallocating tasks to and from other employees

A comprehensive job analysis provides a holistic workplace solution for the employer
  • A job analysis considers:
    • Details of any physical requirements
    • Shift work requirements
    • Customer service requirements
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Communication skills
    • Computer skills
    • Literacy skills;
    • Numeracy skills
    • Other relevant skills

  • The DES provider and the employer should work together to complete the job analysis process
  • If possible, the candidate should be given an opportunity to trial the work prior to commencement to demonstrate their skills and identify areas where support may be required. A work trial can be facilitated by the DES provider
  • Once the job analysis has been completed, the DES provider will provide the employer with a list of ‘reasonable adjustments’ that are required, if any
  • Refer to the International Labour Office’s Guidelines on Identifying Jobs for Persons with Disabilities as a useful resource for job analysis
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