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Job Customisation

  • Job customisation involves reallocating certain tasks or duties of a particular role to other team members, or creating a customised role for a particular candidate
  • If job customisation is required for a particular job match, it should be informed by the results of a comprehensive job analysis, including an understanding of the position's inherent requirements
  • Proposed job customisation should provide a holistic business solution for the employer. The proposal should detail how the requirements not able to be undertaken by the candidate can be met in other ways, for example, by other staff
  • Job customisation may be required because a candidate cannot undertake parts of the role, like heavy lifting, or management of a particular project or task
  • Job customisation can be an opportunity for experienced and skilled staff to take on more responsibility, while allowing the candidate with disability to work to their strengths
  • While job customisation can be an effective strategy in some circumstances, it generally represents a small proportion of workplace opportunities
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