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Building a Partnership

The relationship that develops between the Disability Employment Service and the employer is vital, and is different in many cases to the relationship the employer will have with mainstream recruitment agencies. This is because the relationship has the potential to have ongoing contact in relation to providing advice and support for the workplace and the individual employee. Ideally the relationship is considered a partnership, one of mutual benefit and trust - it is beyond a customer/service provider model.

Model Characteristics
Partnership Mutual benefit, open channels of communication and a strong level of trust and engagement, mutual understanding of each other's needs
Customer/service provider Customer benefit, communications channels may be one way, weaker level of trust and engagement, limited understanding of service provider's needs

In the partnership approach there is a level of equality and an understanding that it is a relationship of mutual benefit. The business gains an effective employee who meets productivity targets and enriches the workplace, the candidate develops valuable skills that assist them to become a productive and valued member of the workforce, and the Disability Employment Service achieves the goal of a sustainable employment outcome.

In an effective partnership, communication channels are open and it is easier to resolve issues if or when they arise. Both parties are well informed of the others' needs and how to meet them, allowing effective long term relationships to develop.