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Disability Employment Services

Disability Employment Services aim to assist candidates with disability prepare for, find and keep work. The network is made up of over 220 organisations - large and small, non-profit and private sector - which are funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

Disability Employment Services currently support approximately 145,000 Australians with disability to gain and maintain meaningful employment in the open labour market. They do this by connecting candidates to the right job for them, preparing both the workplace and candidate for employment and offering ongoing support to ensure success in the long term.

All work secured by Disability Employment Services is in the 'open' labour market and paid at standard rates.

Candidates can be referred to Disability Employment Services if they:

  • have a permanent (or likely to be permanent) disability;
  • have a reduced capacity for communication, learning or mobility;
  • require support for more than six months after placement in employment; and/or
  • require specialist assistance to build capacity in order to share in the financial, social and personal benefits that employment offers.

Candidates must be of working age with a diagnosed disability.

Employer hotline 13 17 15

The Federal Government provides funding to Disability Employment Services to assist people with disability find employment.

There are two main services:

Disability Management Service: for candidates with disability, injury or health condition who require the assistance of a disability employment service but are not expected to need long-term support in the workplace.

Employment Support Service: for candidates with permanent disability and with an assessed need for more long-term, regular support in the workplace.

Disablity Employment Services

These services are delivered through a network of Disability Employment Services across Australia.