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National Disability Recruitment Coordinator

The National Disability Recruitment Coordinator service works with large employers to develop a Memorandum of Understanding, in which the employer commits to increasing their recruitment of people with disability.

Once employers make a commitment to work with the National Disability Recruitment Coordinator service, the service helps the employer to implement practices to employ more people with disability, as well as to train staff in working with people with disability. The service also provides information about the Disability Employment Services and other support available to the employer.

The National Disability Recruitment Coordinator sends information about the employer’s job vacancies to Disability Employment Services who service the area where the jobs are located. It offers a free pre-screening interview service at the point of recruitment to help make referrals of potential applicants as suitable as possible.

The service facilitates the development of relationships between large employers who employ more than 100 people across different locations to make it easier for the employer to develop their knowledge of Disability Employment Services and the support that they provide to people with disability, including support in the workplace.