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Why Employ People with a Disability

18.5% of the Australian population has a disability - that's over four million people*.

By employing people with disability businesses can:.

  • Attract and retain the best candidates from a wider talent pool
  • Retain other employees who have valuable experience and knowledge should they acquire a disability
  • Reduce hiring and training costs
  • Improve productivity through innovation and technology
  • Reduce sick leave and early 'medical' retirements
  • Strengthen workplace morale
  • Customise products and services to increase profitability
  • Attract a broader customer base and increase customer loyalty
  • Reduce workplace incidents
  • Reduce the risk of claims of unlawful discrimination against the organisation
  • Leverage payroll tax benefits (NSW only).

(Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Ageing, Disability & Carers Report 2009)