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Retaining and Supporting

An Introduction to Retaining and Supporting

  • There are a number of ways that an employee can be supported by a DES to retain their position, throughout the probationary period, via ongoing support, or through programs like Job in Jeopardy
  • A good initial job match helps ensure sustainability of the job, meeting both the employer’s needs, and the abilities and aspirations of the new employee, this means there is a vested interest in making it work from all stakeholders
  • There is a significant benefit to both the DES and the employer in retaining staff
    • For the employer, there is a cost-benefit, a retention of skills and knowledge, and a reduction in down time
    • For the DES, the provision of a sustainable workplace solution means the potential of future multiple placements
  • Through the lifetime of the placement, the DES takes on an ongoing commitment - where eligibility requirements are met there is no end date to the provision of support. The DES is always there for the employer. This needs to be communicated clearly to the employer
  • Support provided should be more intensive for both the employer and the new employee during the probationary period
  • Over time, there should be a tailored and agreed upon reduction or change in support
  • When employment conditions change, amount and intensity of support should be reviewed and agreed - for example, a change in duties of supervisor
  • The DES should offer the employee continued support to gain new skills, as well as support career development and performance monitoring
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