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Retaining and Supporting

Ongoing Support

  • At the 26 week mark, a clear determination of ongoing support needs should be clearly defined and agreed. The Support Plan should undergo a major review at this stage
  • Where eligibility requirements are met, there is no end date to the provision of support provided by the DES. Depending on needs, support can be ongoing and indefinite, unless the employee is exited as independent
  • DES are contracted by the Government to provide support in employment. However, the ultimate goal is to facilitate the relationship between the employer and employee. It is a good idea for employers and the DES to review the agreed Support Plan regularly to accommodate any changes to circumstances that may occur
  • As the employee's employment continues, the DES may scale back the support they provide, however it is important that all parties know that they can request additional support at any time as required

Additional assistance

  • The employer or employee may want the DES to assist:
    • If the job/tasks/hours/location are changing
    • If supervisors or co-workers are changing
    • If an organisational or team restructure is occurring
    • If the employer/supervisor has any concerns.(Concerns may be related to welfare, conduct at work or other issues)
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