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Retaining and Supporting

Probationary Period

  • The probationary period will occur during the 26 weeks of post-placement support period
  • While the support needs of every employer and employee will vary, for most people with disability the support needs will be higher during the settling in and probationary period
  • The probationary period will be defined by the employer and should be specified in the employee's Letter of Offer or employment contract
  • During the probationary period the DES will follow up as per the agreed Support Plan. This provides an opportunity to assess how things are going. It is important that the lines of communication are open and any questions are dealt with in a timely manner
  • During the probationary period the following should be addressed:
    • Review the employee's initial progress (e.g. skill acquisition and productivity rate) and attendance, in accordance with standard HR practice for the business
    • Review any reasonable adjustments that have been implemented, and arrange any modifications as required
    • Review the scheduled times for support outlined in the support plan and adjust as required
    • Review any scheduled development activities (e.g. induction training, new tasks or career development opportunities) that the employer is planning for the new employee
    • Review OH&S, emergency evacuation and any 'buddy' systems that have been put in place specific to the individual employee if required
    • Schedule a probationary review meeting if required, including the DES support worker, work supervisor and the employee. Allow the employee to have another support person (e.g. family member) present if requested
  • The timing of an employee's probationary review is particularly important for trainees or apprentices, as this is the point where their formal Training Agreement is endorsed
  • Organisations looking for a broader understanding of disability can access Disability Awareness Training (training providers can be located through
  • Costs for disability training may be reimbursed under the Employment Assistance Fund
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