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Getting to Know the Employer


  • Before approaching the employer, the first step is research
    • What are the current labour market trends in the location?
    • What are the trends specific to the employer’s industry?
    • What type of organisation is the employer’s business?
    • What are the workforce skills, knowledge and capabilities required by the employer?

How to Research

  • Begin with the employer’s website. Identify the organisation’s goals and look for alignment with your purpose
  • Use the career’s section to help identify the type of work required and the attributes the organisation values in its employees
  • Find out if the business is on Facebook or Twitter – ‘follow’ or ‘like’ them and get to know their ‘personality’
  • Visit the workplace once or twice to fully understand the business requirements and the specifics of the type of work available
  • Use annual reports, the local newspaper or Chamber of Commerce, to gain an understanding of the industry
  • A general discussion with the Diversity Manager, and reviewing Disability or Diversity Action Plans can provide additional information to leverage off
  • Throughout the entire process, keep an eye out for opportunities to build more diversity into the employer’s workforce

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